10 Health Benefits of Plum Fruits

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Published on September 8, 2016

Health Benefits fo Plum Nutritional Value of plums 100 grams Nutrients: Dietary fiber 6% Carbohydrate 4% Calories 2% Protein 1% Vitamins : Vitamin C 16% Vitamin A 7% Thaimin 2% Vitamin k 8% Minerals : Potassium 4% Manganese 3% Magnesium 2% Copper 3% Health Benefits fo plums: 1 .Rich in antioxidant propeties 2. Helps to maintain healthy skin 3.Beneficial during pregnancy 4. Aids in maintaining healthy bones 5.Prevents age related neurodegenerative disorders 6. Effective in treating digestive disorders 7.Helps to maintain cardiovascular health 8. Helps treat obesity and Diabetes 9.Improves sleep, Concentration and appetite 10. Reduces risk of cancer and age related macular degeneration Note : Aviod usage if suffering from kidney or gallbladder diseases

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